Local authorities

Local authorities


The urban video has greatly expanded in recent years. Its purpose is to ensure the tranquility of the residents in public places such as streets or parking lots. It has become an indispensable tool for many public services.

A decision support

The video is primarily a multipurpose tool of urban life management. It is used for accident managing, to set off emergency, to follow traffic, manage festivities and events, flooding…

Traffic management

Images from cameras located on roads are used to manage the traffic information in road PC. Traffic flow can be re-routed to relieve congested areas.

Interventions assistance

collectivites-parkingVideo supervision of a city provides an important support tool for firefighters and police. By visualizing the incident directly from their monitoring station, they locate the event in order to intervene as soon as possible and start the necessary processes.

DigiSys solutions help prioritize access to the system or to cut off access to the images to certain users especially in case of crisis.


collectivites-rueOpen, multi-site, multi-operator with video walls steering, they associate all users and community stakeholders in the same project, considering the specificities of each business.



Our products are divided into 2 categories: DigiSys software and hardware entirely designed by the R & D department on one hand, and integration products for which we use a generic basis that we are improving. The goal is to fully meet customer needs with optimized cost while maintaining complete control of the software part.

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Cases Studies

DigiSys studies and commissions solutions in many sectors of activity, and particularly on large systems in an environment where quality and performance are essential. Through our case studies, discover concrete examples of achievements that will be the basis for your project.

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