Distribution & Retail

Distribution & Retail


A large shopping center is like a small town, permanently active, that needs a permanent vision. This surveillance is carried out over acres from a video wall located in the Central Security Station (CSS).

A multitude of areas to be monitored

commerce-distribution-entrepotAccess roads, parking lots, shopping malls, selling space, special facilities (elevators, escalators or mechanical carpet, ATMs), reserves, places money and goods transit, more or less exposed around, are all areas that involve substantial and sought CCTV installations.

A proper video system

At the PC Security, according to the incident, the image on the event should appear at the right time on the wall of screens. The video system must, therefore, be responsive and closely linked to the various site security systems: burglar alarm “tags”, antennas or gantries situated in checkout or store, or even specific protections for jewelers.

A significant expertise in distribution

DigiSys can capitalize on significant experience in this sector. Indeed, Auchan trusted DigiSys for video monitoring of all its hypermarkets based in France. The solutions proposed initially – Oasis and Melissa – have evolved to adapt to the needs and constraints of the operators. They consider the existing installation, fulfill the current expectations and are open to the possibilities of tomorrow.


Our products are divided into 2 categories: DigiSys software and hardware entirely designed by the R & D department on one hand, and integration products for which we use a generic basis that we are improving. The goal is to fully meet customer needs with optimized cost while maintaining complete control of the software part.

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Cases Studies

DigiSys studies and commissions solutions in many sectors of activity, and particularly on large systems in an environment where quality and performance are essential. Through our case studies, discover concrete examples of achievements that will be the basis for your project.

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