The use of video to protect people and property developed a lot and its purpose is primarily to deter acting out:

Secure users and staff

transport-tramThe presence of CCTV cameras in the halls of railway stations or airport, stations and subways docks, tram or bus reinforces users and agents security sense. The CCTV helps fighting against theft, assault, antisocial behavior (offenses against agents) or inadvertent use of alarm signals.

Protect property

Whether they are in public places or garage areas and maintenance, vehicles and infrastructure undergo various degradations (graffiti, broken windows …) that represent significant costs of repair and restoration. Direct visualization allows to intervene and stop the offenders. Otherwise, recordings can be used as evidences to authorities.

An effective tool

transport-avionThe CCTV system is considered by users as a support and assistance tool. Indeed, the video verification provides a better knowledge of incidents and a better reactivity. Viewing the event in real time gives the user the ability to act the most appropriate way: call firefighters or police, etc.

DigiSys expertise

DigiSys largest installations in terms of cameras number in the transportation sector: Doha Airport, RTM (Marseille Transport Authority) or Geneva airport are direct illustrations.

Our solutions are perfectly adapted to this area because they allow operation, setup and maintenance of a large number of cameras in optimal conditions. This is the case of Video Security Center (VSC) which uses a main SQL server and a backup server if needed to manage large volumes of data.


Our products are divided into 2 categories: DigiSys software and hardware entirely designed by the R & D department on one hand, and integration products for which we use a generic basis that we are improving. The goal is to fully meet customer needs with optimized cost while maintaining complete control of the software part.

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Cases Studies

DigiSys studies and commissions solutions in many sectors of activity, and particularly on large systems in an environment where quality and performance are essential. Through our case studies, discover concrete examples of achievements that will be the basis for your project.

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