DigiSys was established in January 2001 by two engineers, still members and shareholders in the company.

DigiSys was one of the first companies in Europe to offer supervision software, self-builders, for intrusion detection and video with products like MISTRAL and OASIS.

Indeed, no alarm center had a TCP / IP interface, IP cameras did not exist, it was necessary to encode the analog signal to centralize materials management.

Video: a real tool for decision support

Today DigiSys specializes in providing complete solutions in the domain of security:

Common point to all of these solutions: “put video in the center of the decision”

See the exact reality of a situation in the best possible conditions, enables to:

These actions will be implemented in real or delayed time according to the customer’s requirement.

Proven technical expertise

The heart of DigiSys solutions is based upon a set of software and interfaces designed, developed and maintained by our R & D teams.
DigiSys considers this control as indispensable to meet the expectations of its customers, including aspects like:

Therefore, customers with complex issues have been trusting DigiSys for many years.

The strength of a group

In 2007, DEF Network, company network of fire technology experts, wanted to develop a subsidiary dedicated to safety. DigiSys has joined DEF Network as a video specialist.

This position allows DigiSys to answer a client request on a comprehensive security project with a guarantee of proper completion and a strong synergy between the various companies in the group, namely:


DigiSys received the following distinctions:


DigiSys is a member of various professional committees and supports associations: