Our videos

Our videos


Queues measurement

Waiting time at checkouts or counters is an important criterion of customer satisfaction. The March Networks Mega PX Analytics camera provides the measurement function of these times. The data is available on the video (inlay) and in Excel format from the camera, and therefore immediately usable for statistical purposes.

People counting

The video enables counting people in real time and in both directions, from a camera positioned above the access. The algorithm is very precise and the camera has a very practical button of automatic parameterization. The data is available on the video (inlay) and in the camera in Excel format making operation very easy.

Securing a parking area

Video is an effective way to protect a parking area or restricted access (firefighters, deliveries). The alarm is immediate with inlay in the image of the zone in alarm.
Our IPS partner solution integrated to our software.

Protection of a subway train

This video presents a concrete example of perimeter protection. The algorithm detects an abnormal presence in the running zone. The presented analyzes are: object recognition and detection of activity.
Our IPS partner solution integrated to our software

Smoke detection

Smoke detection is a fire starting early identification means. This video illustrates it perfectly. The settings on the right of the screen are used during commissioning to optimize the algorithm and cancel false alarms.