Historically, DigiSys was founded by computer engineers who have contributed to major projects in the following areas:

A qualified team

DigiSys development department has capitalized on its expertise to enrich and support the realization of visualization software and all communication interfaces needed for systems integration.

MISTRAL, OASIS, VSC, CRYSTAL, DVM, DVM, URAC software were all designed and developed by DigiSys engineers.

Technological independence

These products provide the company a real technological independence and complete working ability on the source codes.
This is a highly secure element for our customers.

Recognized skills

The biggest success of all these programs has been and remains VSC. In fact this software has been selected by GE-Security / UTC to become the VMS (Video Management System) of the whole manufacturer’s ULTRAVIEW range.

VSC (Video Security Center) has a very wide distribution and high level of features perfectly suited to the customers’ demands worldwide.

For example, VSC is in service at Doha airport, Qatar, to manage more than 15,000 cameras.