Access Control

Access Control


The access control systems are becoming more sophisticated. Badges managing on multiple sites, temporary validity of the badge, valid per the door, followed course people, people counting on a place to scale prospective relief, are now the traditional functions of an access control system.

The lifting of video verification

DigiSys proposes to combine physical access control (badge, code …) to visual check from a Central Security Post. Computer communication is performed between the access control system and the video system to achieve a visual alarm verification.

Additional tools

DigiSys Video Security Center (VSC) has many interfaces with the most common systems on the market, regardless of the manufacturer. Communication is ensured through the Ethernet network and perfectly integrates the existing or new computer network.

The most numerous references concern the ranges:


Our products are divided into 2 categories: DigiSys software and hardware entirely designed by the R & D department on one hand, and integration products for which we use a generic basis that we are improving. The goal is to fully meet customer needs with optimized cost while maintaining complete control of the software part.

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Cases Studies

DigiSys studies and commissions solutions in many sectors of activity, and particularly on large systems in an environment where quality and performance are essential. Through our case studies, discover concrete examples of achievements that will be the basis for your project.

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