An alternative to sensors

Some sites must protect against fire in the opened zones where it is not possible to install conventional detectors: parking, storage area … In these cases, the detection by video analysis replaces traditional techniques.

Early detection

In buildings with high ceilings such as factories or logistics warehouses, the problem is to be warned in time. Indeed, in an industrial environment, a starting fire will be detected by a remote camera more quickly than by a detector. Warned early, security agents can react at the start of fire and prevent it from spreading.

Heat detection

When the fire start is due to a temperature increase, the installation of thermal imaging cameras to detect high heat areas makes sense. For example, households fires that are being formed can be detected and located before the fire start.

A multiple role

In addition to visual confirmation of the incident or removal of doubt, video surveillance enables to track the progress of the incident to take necessary measures and transmit appropriate instructions. Recording images provides an event’s history and evolution to determine its origin.

Comprehensive protection

DigiSys has formed a strategic partnership with a market leader, FireVu to integrate all these advanced features and therefore provide a video solution that effectively protects against the risk of fire.


Our products are divided into 2 categories: DigiSys software and hardware entirely designed by the R & D department on one hand, and integration products for which we use a generic basis that we are improving. The goal is to fully meet customer needs with optimized cost while maintaining complete control of the software part.

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Cases Studies

DigiSys studies and commissions solutions in many sectors of activity, and particularly on large systems in an environment where quality and performance are essential. Through our case studies, discover concrete examples of achievements that will be the basis for your project.

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